Marine Biology

Marine Biology is about the organisms that live in oceans.

These organisms include fish, mammals such as whales, reptiles such as turtles, and plants such as algae and seaweed.

Studying in this area involves learning about the biology of these organisms and about their habitats.

NZ university majors related to this area

Though in the same subject area, they may be very different.

Did you know?

At over 33m long and 180 tonnes, the Blue Whale is the largest animal on Earth. It's also the largest animal known to have ever existed.

Stretching for 2000 km, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia is the world's largest coral reef.

Examples of career opportunities

Most entail additional learning (lifelong learning!).

  • Marine biologist
  • Fisheries policy analyst
  • Environmental policy analyst
  • Research scientist
  • Research assistant
  • Laboratory technician
  • Biology teacher
  • Science teacher
  • Academic

Income and employment prospects


130% of national
median earnings


Further study
Other or unknown

Figures based on young domestic graduates 5 years after graduation. Source: Ministry of Education.

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