Using No Major Drama FAQ

This FAQ is about general issues related to using No Major Drama.

Is NMD free to users?


Do I have to sign-up (or register) to use NMD?

You can use NMD without signing up. However, signing up with NMD allows you to save your results and return to them when you're filling out university applications or seeking more information about particular subject areas in your ranking.

Is NMD free to high schools?

Yes! High schools are welcome to customise their own versions of NMD. This includes being able to apply their own colour schemes consistent with their identity and insert their own links to other sites of interest and sources of information.

I wish my school had this. Is there a way we can use this at my school?

Yes! Talk to your guidance counsellor for him or her to sign up your school. This means that your school will get its own customised NMD site.

Can I share my NMD results on Facebook?

Yes! NMD is designed to work seamlessly with Facebook and you can share your top results on your wall as well as 'like' particular subject areas that you come across.

How do I get started using NMD?

Click either the start app button in the navigation bar above or the get started button at the NMD home page.

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